From the great experience and knowledge of the materials, we are able to carry out 3D processing on marble, onyx, quartz, ceramic and mosaics, as well as providing careful advice on the most appropriate solutions to realize your interior design project.

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Decorative panels

Customizable decorative panels give to your environment a unique and sophisticated aspect, creating an atmosphere that can reflect even your personality.

Panels in polycarbonate represent an innovative solution in walls decoration, giving a
marble look. They can be made of onyx and agate too and can be personalized with
images given by the costumer himself.
One of their remarkable feature is they have an excellent graphic quality, which permits to obtain tailored dimension and a reduced thickness.
Also worth mentioning as peculiarities: the bright colours, the images in high definition, the installation even in curved walls or with backlight and the possibility to create endless decorations.
The latter can be obtained using the led technique that allows to customize the slightest
chromatic variation just with a click.
These are the latest news in this field, appreciated in the most renown architectural firms for their versatility. It is indeed possible to apply them in the naval sector, in spas or even in private residences.


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