From the great experience and knowledge of the materials, we are able to carry out 3D processing on marble, onyx, quartz, ceramic and mosaics, as well as providing careful advice on the most appropriate solutions to realize your interior design project.

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Marble 3D decorations

The majesty of marble is enhanced by techniques that enrich its natural qualities.

A striking effect is given by 3D decorations but also by the etching technique to embellish surfaces with particular texture similar to those of the most luxurious fabrics.
Marble and natural stones are decorated with specific carving techniques, offering great light and shade effects thus allowing surfaces to disclose the combination between nature’s extraordinary creation and men’s wit.
Floors and linings are refined with silver highlights and the elegance of gold.
Even the ancient mosaic technique is valued by the apposition between plain or elaborated stone tassels, placed one by one.


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