From the great experience and knowledge of the materials, we are able to carry out 3D processing on marble, onyx, quartz, ceramic and mosaics, as well as providing careful advice on the most appropriate solutions to realize your interior design project.

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Ceramic big slabs

They are an alternative to natural stones and combine the ease of use of the porcelain stoneware.

The big slabs offer a wide range of floors and coatings surfaces, created to expand our
working technique thus allowing the application of porcelain stoneware, where formerly
could be installed only marble such as in ventilated facades.
Furthermore they permit to create continuity among spaces, using the same material of walls and floors also in kitchen counters, doors and furnishings.

Surfaces reproduce the marbling of natural stones, the shades of metals and the colours
of cement thereby they make possible surprising creative solutions.
The new production, strictly made in Italy, is realized with a technology that obtain a full-body products with a thickness of 6 mm, 12mm, 20 mm.


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